Thursday 11 February 2010

Vallejo Triads

Hello all.

I have finally got around to listing my favourite home made vallejo triads. Some colours are from panzer aces series but most are Model colour.

Any questions please leave a comment below!

I hope you find them useful!

Shadows Flesh
Flesh base
Flat flesh

Black Red
RED 033
RED 029

Dark Grey
London grey
Light Grey

US Feild drab
Golden brown
Golden Yellow

US Feild Drab
Green ochre

Burnt Umber
English uniform
Khaki grey

Yellow ochre
Flat yellow
Light yellow

Tan Yellow
Pale sand

German cam orange brown
Tan yellow

Flat earth
Light brown
Beige red

Burnt umber
US feild drab
Green ochre

Germ camo dark green
Reflective green
Russian uniform WWII

Andrea blue
Deep sky blue
Sky blue

US feild drab
Highlight afrika korps
Deck tan

Black green
Flat green
German camo bright green

Germ camo black brown
Flat brown
Mahogany brown

Feild blue
Grey blue
Pastel blue

Us feild drab
Green ochre
Iraqian sand

Lufftwaffe uniform WWII
Dark blue grey
Pastel blue

Germ dark green
Russian uniform WWII

Tan Earth
Iraqian sand
Pale sand

Light grey
White grey

RED 033
RED 029
Orange red

Splinter blotches
biege brown
Brown sand

Dark rust
Leather belt
New wood

Orange red
Light orange

Germ camo medium brown
English uniform
Khaki grey

Highlight US Tank crew

German dark green
Olive grey
Italian Tank crew

German grey
Basalt grey
Neutral grey

US olive drab
German tank crew WWII
Green grey


  1. Thanks for this :)
    I am gradually converting over to Vallejo from a Polyglot of sources

    Experimentation seems to be the key, I do follow (quite blindly) the Flames of War painting guides - "The Art of War"

    Trouble is they are quite specific to their ranges

  2. Ah yes... I highly recommend Vallejo. I rarely find myself using any other paints. It's all about experimenting when it comes to uniform colours. I have several colours that I use for WWII British khaki for example.

  3. Thanks Toby.
    Really helpful triads, and I particularly like your podcasts that I saw on the Befreiungskriege site. It has inspired me to start painting again.

  4. Which one is Red 033? I can't seem to find that one.

  5. any ideas on how a triad starting with indigo/midnight blue as a base please?