Sunday 24 November 2013

Front Rank French Reinforcements and Russian Jeagers!

Today we feature 4 bases of Front Ranks new French Reinforcements. They will eventually make up two battalions of the 53rd French Line. Also we have some nice Russian Jagers skirmishing!

All painted to our fantastic new Showcase standard @ £7.50 per figure. for Commissions email us

Thanks for looking and happy gaming!

Toby Thornton
Artmaster Studio

 photo 1_zps9d6739b9.jpg
 photo 3_zps72d1bf90.jpg
 photo 2_zps38a4a8f8.jpg
 photo 4_zpsceef3808.jpg
 photo 6_zps4b7f3a1d.jpg
 photo 5_zpsc8759aae.jpg
 photo 7_zps6967d519.jpg

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