Friday 21 December 2012

New ECW Preview

Here is a quick peak at an upcoming ECW Regiment. The Essex. The figures are from Empress miniatures and are well sculpted, slender and very clean.

I feel the Orange tones need a little more work. We're going for variations from dark to light and I might throw in a more vivid orange red. The trousers will be a mix of orange, browns, greys and general civilian colours. As for the Buff straps, shoes and bags etc i will be mainly using two tones. One Dark and one light.

Look out for more pics in January!

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  1. I haven't done a lot of art lately. I"m still fighting bronchitis. Ten days of it and I'm still sick. Hopefully I'll get better some day soon. Anyway, this sketch I started a month ago, being drawn from a previous sketch. I got tired of it and set it aside for awhile.

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