Thursday, 23 August 2012

More Artmaster Studio Reviews

I've received a few more reviews for our Services. Here they are below.



"Ever since I was a boy, and that is a long time ago, I have harboured a dream to have my own 28mm Naploeonic metal army that was painted better than I could personally ever hope to achieve

It was at Salute 2009 that I ran into Toby at his Artmaster display and I have never looked back

A couple of months later, my first commission went to Toby, and for the following 18 months, my dream took shape and became reality

I now own what I consider to be one of the finest and best painted French, British, Spanish and Portuguese skirmish armies available

The quality of the paintwork and attention to detail is quite simply astounding – I take immense pride and pleasure in their ownership and at every opportunity I display and show them to family, friends and wargaming colleagues

If you are looking for astounding brushwork at what I believe are competitive prices – then look no further than the team at Artmaster"



“I cheekily took Artmaster up on there “Ever wanted to have a figure painted by us but are too shy to ask?‏” offer from this blog. I was exceedingly glad that I did as the quality of the painting is superb. The figure really stands out and I cannot wait to show it off to my D&D friends and they will be green with envy.

Toby was friendly and nice to deal with and even though Artmaster are a well busy company he created a cracking figure. He is a very professional, skilled painter.

Many thanks,

Donnie Doyle”


  1. Nice reviews.

    I can see that you got the inspiration to the Arthur mini from the one Andrés at Einar Olafson painting painted for me;)

    Best regards Michael

    1. Hi Michael

      Yes I found it on when googling for inspiration and liked the shield so much I had to use it.

    2. Hi Toby

      Its indeed a inspiratinal mini, I haven´t seen him IRL yet, still in the post...

      Keep up the good work

      Best regards Michael