Thursday 21 June 2012

Artmaster Studio 15mm Figure Review

We offered people the chance to get a figure painted by us in exchange for an honest and open review which we could post on this blog and they could post on their websites and forums.

Below is one for Queen Boudicca in 15mm


"I recently had 'Corvus Belli's' Queen Boudicca in Chariot painted for me by 'Artmaster Studio'. As most of my ancient armies are already painted, my transition to FoG has involved the purchase of a number of different command packs and figures from various manufacturers with the intention of creating some small vignettes on the 40mm x 40mm command bases. I decided to take advantage of a deal that 'Artmaster Studio' were offering of some free painting, and duly sent the command pack, in return for which was an honest review of their work.

For me the key to a figure is the face and in this case the layered flesh tones are very effective at distance, from the opponent's side, revealing all the detail of the face in these nicely sculpted figures, and stand up equally to the close scrutiny of the home supporters with magnifying glasses. The only painting direction I could give to the guys was in regard to her famous red hair, but in framing her hair with the green and blue of her clothing and cloak it has made the figure of Boudicca really stand out. All the figures, including the horses, have subtle shading and highlights, with her signature red hair unmistakeable without being too gaudy. The detail in the stripes and checks of both the Queen and her driver are also impressive. Even the woodwork of the chariot and spear was a nice surprise with the grain of the wood painted in, which shows real attention to detail. Finally, the chariot is nicely based with highlighted ballast and small rocks and various types of grass tufts.

Overall, the figures are nicely sculpted and posed and beautifully painted and based. I have since sent several more command vignettes of different armies to be painted, and this time I will be paying for them."



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